Young people lead the way in reproductive health policy

Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent Health

As told to Stewart Muchapera

Amanda Banura is the founder of the Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent Health and uses her position as a focal point to advocate for the large population of young people in Uganda. She has been the FP2030 Uganda Youth Focal Point since 2019. 

“The work that I do in Uganda is basically to be an overall voice and platform for youth-led organizations and youth-led work or programming in Uganda. I sit at the National Steering Committee with the donor focal points and government focal points to represent the youth voices and youth programs that are ongoing within the country. 

“Being able to meet with my colleagues from other countries, the youth focal points, I’ve [learned] lessons, for example, from Copper Rose Zambia, and the work they are doing in terms of accountability, financial management, programming for youth.  

“And when we were presenting our innovations around digital transformation and innovations, I got some recommendations from some focal points, who said we need to bring these programs together …and create something that is integrated for many young people to be able to access – a one stop access for all and bring the hotlines and the apps together. So that one the young person doesn’t have to download an app and then have to dial the hotline.  

“As the focal point for Uganda, [another] learning I got – a big one – is that I have to push my government focal points and partners very hard to make sure that these innovations are owned by the government and it moves away from partners and donors – from donor funding to be domestically funded – by our government in Uganda.”