Building a movement, together

Accountability is a key element of the FP2030 partnership.

Commitment makers pledge to hold themselves—and other commitment makers—accountable to their commitments to the FP2030 movement. 

FP2030 progress reports are a critical resource for the accountability process. By analyzing and sharing high-quality data, with core indicators that are comparable across countries, the Measurement Report enables the family planning movement to track global progress and make data-informed decisions about how to prioritize resources and implement programs. Advocates can use FP2030 data resources for evidence-based advocacy. 

In the Partnership Report, FP2030 commitment makers highlight their programmatic progress through stories about innovative family planning initiatives, advocacy wins, and expanded collaboration within and beyond the reproductive health sector. 

Through the Measurement Report, we demonstrate how the movement has accelerated the use of modern contraception. Through the Partnership Report, we demonstrate our growing strength as a cross-sectoral movement. 


The Power of Partnership

We’re shifting power within family planning, amplifying the voice and impact of those who best understand their local contexts. Hear from our partners as they share stories about their work and their role in the global movement to ensure family planning access for all.


2022 Measurement Report

Learn more on the state of modern contraceptive use in low- and lower-middle income countries and the latest findings on donor funding for family planning, domestic expenditures, and total expenditures.

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Download data resources including the full data set for all indicators, and the supplemental adolescent and youth indicators.


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