Partnership hero



Through the power of partnership, FP2030 is catalyzing a movement for social change. We are shifting power within family planning, amplifying the voice and impact of those who best understand the local contexts, to ensure that all people are represented and that progress benefits everyone.

In these stories partners share—in their own voices—what this collaboration means to them and the different ways that they are working to drive access to rights-based family planning, whether it involves:

  • Ensuring youth leadership in developing family planning and sexual and reproductive health policies.
  • Integrating rights-based family planning into conservation and biodiversity efforts.
  • Building the power of midwives to provide sexual and reproductive health services where they are most needed.
  • Using innovative technological solutions for inclusive access to family planning. 
  • Driving accountability and transparency through collaborations between civil society and government. 

These stories highlight FP2030’s intersectoral approach that brings together a diverse group of commitment makers to make rapid progress, together.

FP2030 and our commitment to family planning broadly have enabled us to develop really impactful partnerships with service providers and with government. It lends credibility to what we’re doing... And we feel our contribution is part of a bigger effort to solving a global problem.

Dr. Vik Mohan

Director of Community Health, Blue Ventures

Discover their voices and journeys here.

The commitment covers something that we are [already] doing. But I think the value of having such a commitment is always to be more transparent, to be more accountable. It is also tremendously helpful for us at technical level to be able to say this is something that we have publicly committed, that is visible, that our partners are relying on.

Lea Gernemann

Senior Policy Officer, BMZ, Germany