My Journey: Revolutionizing Sexuality Education in Indonesia through FP2030 Partnership


By Daniel Wahyu Priyambodo

Hi, I am Daniel from Jakarta, Indonesia. Passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), family planning, and youth issues, I have dedicated my professional life to supporting and empowering communities in Indonesia.

As part of the Community of Practice (CoP) for Sexual Reproductive Health Content Creators in Indonesia, I have been at the forefront of an innovative approach to sexuality education for adolescents. This journey, rich in collaboration and innovation, highlights the transformative power of digital platforms in educating young people about sexual and reproductive health. 

Establishment of CoP 

The journey began in 2020 when UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) Indonesia launched the CoP. This initiative was a direct response to the increasing use of social media and digital platforms among young Indonesians. We aimed to leverage this digital trend to deliver accurate and engaging sexual health information. 

The CoP’s Role and Objectives 

The CoP network has 67 diverse members, including youth-led organizations, influencers, and content creators. Its primary goal was to educate young people about sexual and reproductive health and rights. We understood the critical role of involving young people not just as recipients of information but as active participants in creating and disseminating this knowledge. 

Impact of Partnership with FP2030 

Our partnership with FP2030 was a game-changer. It gave us a unique space to collaborate with the Indonesian government, fostering the development of youth-friendly sexual health education programs. This collaboration was in line with Indonesia’s FP2030 commitment to improving adolescent access to reproductive health information. 


Advancing Sexuality Education 

Through the CoP, I worked tirelessly with other young members to develop and disseminate digital content that was both informative and relatable to adolescents. The and Tenggara Youth Community organizations were instrumental in this effort, bringing SRHR information to young people in both direct and digital forms. Our approach was multifaceted, from creating digital content on Instagram to engaging in webinars and joint campaigns. These efforts were crucial in ensuring that young people received comprehensive and accurate sexual health education. 

Ongoing Challenges and Goals 

Despite our successes, we continue to face challenges, particularly in extending our reach to adolescents in remote areas of Indonesia. Our ongoing partnership with FP2030 is vital as we work to strengthen intersectoral collaboration and ensure inclusive and comprehensive sexuality education for all Indonesian adolescents. 

As for myself and my colleagues, it has been a transformative journey. The partnership with FP2030 has significantly bolstered our efforts, reinforcing our commitment to delivering innovative and impactful sexuality education to Indonesian adolescents. 

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to empowering young people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.